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We have speacilization in wide range of Herbal Oil for Body Massage, Joint Pain''s, Skin Disease, Sinusitis, Blemishes ,Dark Circles, Hair Fall, Dandruff Etc.

Shriji Herbal Products presents Mahabhringraj Oil, which is described in old treatise of Ayurveda Bhaishajyaratnavali. The oil is prepared as per principles of Ayurveda with modern methodologies and with modern parameters of total quality.

200 ml

Oil Made Up By Divine Herbs:

Main Herb Bhringraj and other pure herb like Padmakashtha. Lodhra, Gairika ,Bala , Harida , Daruharida, Nagekeshar, Priyangu, Yashtimadhu, Anantmool are crushed & prepared in pure Sesame (Til)Oil. Now a day youngsters & most of the people are suffering from graying and falling of hair. Maha Bhringraj oil nourishes the hair roots, which stops the falling of hair. Also helps to stop graying of hairs. Hair fall activated in many disease like fever, Typhoid, after surgical procedure, delivery, etc. Falling of hairs stops by application of oil. Regular use of Maha Bhringraj oil strengthens the hair roots, helps in blackening of hair, removes roughness of skin of scalp and dandruff, and hair becomes soft. Apart from these the oil is useful in Headache, burning sensation of eyes, earache, and beneficial in sleeplessness. In case of troticoils oil massage and fomentation to neck is beneficial.

Easy Application: Regular application to hair is beneficial. Oil must be put twice a week after a hair wash . Take oil in your palm and rub gently with fingertips at the hair root. In case of burning sensation it is advisable to put few drops of water on scalp before putting oil.

Special Precaution for Hair Protection: A balanced diet of protein, vitamin, fat carbohydrate, oil, ghee, milk, fruits greens vegetables is advisable for protection of hair. Spicy, sour, salty and non- vegetarian diet should be avoided in excess. Gutkha , etc, should be avoided completely. Hair should be thoroughly washed with fresh water. Use shampoo if necessary. Heavy and mineral water should be avoided . protect hair from sun , dust, smoke , dirt, dirty soil etc. Use fortnightly SHRIJI’S HERBAL HEENA to keep your hair healthy & shiny.


  • Mahabhringraj Oil is available in pack of 100 ml & 200ml bottle.
Approx. Rs 140 / 100 ml

Mahanarayan Oil is traditional ancient formulation for Vata disease. There are 3 Doshas in our body which are managing our body function properly if they are not increased or decreased.

Other details:


  • In all types of vata diseases Maha Narayan oil is effective.
  • Maha Narayan Oil is known for its efficiency and usage in various diseases that’s why it is popular in Ayurvedic treatise.
  • Joint pain, paralysis, Arthritis, spondylosis, Tremors, Headache, lockjaw, neckstiffness, frozen shoulder, weakness, General deability, hearing problem etc. in all these Maha narayan oil is advised to massage on entire body.
  • It is very good muscle relaxant, reduces pain, and improves mobility of joint, increase the weight of lean person.
  • Massage daily on entire body for 3 to 6 months.
  • This Maha narayan oil can be consumed orally females with milk in infertility, along with that it should be massage on pelvic region.
  • Maha narayan oil is used in Panchkarma therapy widely-for Abhyang snehan, Basti.It is used in large scale.
  • In short Maha narayan oil is best massage oil for body, increases longevity, slow down the ageing process, rejuvenates the cell and keeps body Healthy and improved.
  • Packing -- 100 ml . Also in bulk pack as per order.
Approx. Rs 150 / Pack
We offer the high quality and in wide range Ashwagandha Oil to our customer.


  • Ashwgandha Oil is very good for body massage.
  • It improves muscle tone, makes the muscles strong,reduces the pain in body and gives energy & freshness.
  • In Muscular Atrophy-leg cramps, weakness, massage the body with Aswagandha Oil.
  • Ashwgandha oil lubricates the joints and make them stronger and keeps away from degeneration.

Other details:

  • Packing—100 ml
  • MOQ: 100 ml


Approx. Rs 40 / Pack

We are the best known manufacturer and supplier of the Anu Oil. Anu Oil is the best for the diseases of above neck part.


  • It has got multiple actions as well as the property of rejuvenative
  • Anu Oil improves the strength of ear, nose, throat, eyes
  • It helps to prevent the graying of hairs and stops the hair fall
  • Apart from this it may helpful in neck stiffness, Headache, Sinusitis, Cold, Tremors, Lock Jaw, Parkinson etc.
  • Regular use of oil improves health and prevents ageing process.
  • Application—4 drops in each nostril 2 or 3 times a day
  • MOQ: 10 ml
Approx. Rs 180 / 100 ml

We offer the wide range of Komlangi Oil to our customer. Komlangi Oil is particularly formulated for new born baby and infants. It is made from herbs and natural oils like Almonds, White Mustard, Olive, Ashwgandha etc. It contains Chandan bala laxadi oil which traditional formulation described its benefits in Ancient books of Ayurveda thousand of years ago.

Other details:

  • Natural oil formulation without any chemicals, preservatives and artificial fragrance.
  • Keeps the baby skin shiny and supple. Bones becomes strong and improves the immunity of Baby.
  • To fight against the diseases, regular massage will keep your baby healthy.
Approx. Rs 180 / 100 ml

Item Code: Komlangi-1

We are the leading manufacturer and exporter of the high quality of the Komlangi Oil to our customer.


  • Komlangi oil is particularly formulated for new born baby and infants
  • Natural oil formulation without any chemicals, preservatives and artificial fragrance
  • Keeps the baby skin shiny and supple
  • Bones becomes strong and improves the immunity of Baby
  • To fight against the diseases, regular massage of Komlangi oil will keep your baby healthy
  • Pack-100 ml
Approx. Rs 150 / Piece(S)
We arethe leading manufacturer and exporter of the high quality of Bavchi Oil. Bavchi oil is effective and useful for leucoderma. Since many years its application helps to clear the white patches on body. It benefits very quickly after its application and when exposed to early morning sunlight. This Bavchi oil is in pure form.

Note: If Rashes or Blister occurs on skin after its application ,do not use it without medical supervision.

Other Information
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece(S)
  • Packaging Details: 100ml
Approx. Rs 120 / 60 cap.

We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of the high quality of the Neem Oil to our customers.

Other details:

  • Neem oil is most useful in our home remedy
  • Each house must have one bottle of Neem oil at home
  • Neem oil is very good wound healer
  • Neem oil can be used for insect bite, drandruff, itching
  • It can be applied in non healing. Psoriasis, oozing eczema, dermatitis and in many skin diseases it is used
  • Neem oil is used as a pesticide also
Approx. Rs 130 / Bottle(s)

We are the leading manufacturer and exporter of the high quality Gunjadi Oil to our customer.


  • Gunjadi Tail is very good and effective to stop hair fall
  • It also helps to prevent baldness
  • Gunjadi oil is Sesame oil based
  • Regular use of Gunjadi oil is useful to strengthen the hair roots and enhance the hair growth

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